Best Font for Logo Design 2017 for Newbies

There are various things to keep in mind while you are selecting the best font for logo design. Here is an update step by step guide for logo design lovers based in 2017. In a subconscious yet influential way, the fonts you prefer can communicate your message. Relying on your brand’s personality, you will desire to choose a font that communicates the message of your story brilliantly.

Do not be anxious! Now, avoid html5 banner design that you have already done before. 


We have shaped a simple strategy that will assist you selecting the best font for logo design that is fresh and updated in 2017 for newbies.Are you disappointed about your logo?? if so then use best logo design service? Then I say, Yes.There are plenty of service company around the web.

Prefer a Font that Matches your Company Culture

Make a decision on a font that represents your overall company image and believes. Whether your company is a branch of an industry that is analytical, for example, a law firm or IT company? Or does your company acts with young people?

Indeed your company image and understanding your customers are the main things you should consider at the time of selecting a font for your logo. 

Match your Font with your Logo Icon

Towards the stylistic elements of your logo icon, you are needed to give close attention. Think about edges, lines, and textures. Whether your logo icon oblique or round?

Are lines thick or thin? Certainly, it is excellent to prefer fonts that balance the overall design of your logo. It will keep all elements consistent with one another, therefore projecting an on the whole professional look to your customers. 

 Choose readable Fonts

According to pro logo design guide,  a lot of fonts are easier to read based on how it will present to viewers. Consider where your logo will be placed and used the maximum.

While letterheads and different papers are the initial places your clients will see your logo, at that time you can be liberated to prefer a script font or other complicated typefaces too. On the other hand, if your logo will be used outside your home, then selecting a bold, clean font will be most excellent for the best font for logo design.

Trial your Font

Firstly, decide on the best font for your logo design. Then the best manner is to trial a few simple.  Initially, you can begin by making a logo using a generic font, like as Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica, etc. Then you can choose a more comprehensive font, for example, Monotype Corsiva, Lucida Handwriting, or Cooper Black as well.

Take print from each dissimilarity of your logo and keep it in front of you. Obviously, this will provide you with an improved idea of how it will appear like in physical shape.

Applying an online logo maker can assist with this procedure. Quickly you can make multiple logos and select the final one for your company.


Font choice is very important when designing a new logo for your commerce. Take time and choose various fonts that you feel harmonise in dealing. Finally, you will harvest the benefits if you take the time and endeavour in putting improved thinking into your business or company logos.

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