How to Embroider T-shirts with a Machine

Through a machine, Embroidering t-shirts are so easy. Using my five years teaching, we have revealed many interesting scenarios regarding t-shirts. Embroidery machine proprietor has to be creative when they hoop and embroider a t-shirt. We instruct some out of the general techniques such as using binding, hook Hoop Guards, spray adhesive and needle as well. Some people use all of the items mentioned! While you are lucky enough to own an embroidery machine, embroidering a t-shirt is very easy




Choose the embroidery design and decide on the relevant size hoop. Keep in mind that T-shirts should not be embroidered on a hoop greater than a 5” x 7” for best quality. As for instance: Stitching jumbo letters or different lines of text on a stretchy knit fabric is not perfect. Create your job a bit simple and resize the design to fit within 5” x 7” or 4” x 4” hoop. Follow some banner ad design for getting better ideas.



Stabiliser rule: When it expands, cut it out. As it is so easy. In the area to be embroidered with a fusible no-show or poly-mesh cut away stabiliser, stabilise the false side of the t-shirt.  Slice the stabiliser larger than the hoop you design to use. Generally for a 4” x 4” hoop, cut an 8” square of the fusible stabiliser.  Poly mesh stabiliser is obtainable infusible and non-fusible in white, regular or black colours also.



Do not overextend the fabric when placing it in the hoop. At one time the fusible poly mesh is ironed in place, cautiously hoop the fabric taut without over enlarged. Through a target sticker marks the area to be embroidered; crosshair centred in the hoop. The fabric should be tight, similar a drum, without ripples. Understand underneath the hoop, excess fabric is not caught in the hoop. Eject the target sticker just after it is line up with the needle bar.



On T-shirt weave embroidery designs with naked places works best. On the other hand, heavy designs make shirts difficult and lumpy. Always crinkle around the edges of the fabric can’t maintain the dense stitches.



Hoop properly on a daily basis, and ultimately your embroidery will look unique and professional as well.


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