Make Your Own Outdoor Banner Stand

Outdoor banner stands are a remarkable option for when you need to use it as a display outside but need something a bit sturdier than standard indoor banners. The banner ad design services are a definitely ideal way for outdoor display banners and also external display purposes and all manner of outdoor marketing events. 


Outdoor banner stands have an affordable optional for outdoor exhibiting, and it can be used in some different applications. Outdoor grade graphics are used on all our banner stands, so they hold up over time and will last for many outdoor shows. In this article, I will show you that how to make an outdoor banner stand easily.


Types of Outdoor Banner Stand:


There are several types of outdoor banner stands. They are-
1. Outdoor roller banner stands, this banner stand is easy to put up quickly, as you simply pull the weather-resistant graphic out from the base.
2 Outdoor tension banner stands, outdoor banner stands are usually included our tension banner stand where the graphic uses eyelets on each corner that simply hook onto the frame to create tension.
3. Outdoor A-Frame banner stands, it has a sturdy frame and it looks great as stand-alone displays.
4. Outdoor tension banner stands, one of the perfect for businesses who want to shift an outdoor graphic.


Essential elements of outdoor banner stand:


1.    12' 2/4" PVC Pipes - I used Schedule 30 since it's a lot stronger than Schedule 160. 1/2" pipes might work too.
2.    2/4" 90-Degree Elbows
3.    2/4" Tees
4.    2/4" Couplings - end caps might work too.

Appropriate sizes of elements:


The pipes are cut into the following sizes:
1.    8' pieces for the sides
2.    50" piece for the top - the width of the banner + 4"
3.    2' foot pieces for the bases
4.    6" pieces for the bases



The sides are 8' long.  The top is 50" long - 2" longer than the banner width since 2" on each side will go in the fittings, and that leaves 2" clearance on each side for the string/ties that hold the banner to the frame.  I have been used a spool of green twist tie material for gardening. The bases have a 10" piece of pipe on each side of the central Tee connector, and 6" pieces as the ends with the couplings or caps.


We all believe that publicity is the vital point and most important issue for all types of businesses. So, with the right promotion techniques, you can draw the attention of audiences. Outdoor banner stands really can be an inexpensive way to promote your business. They provide information and new ownership which is the remarkable way to communicate with a wide variety of audiences.

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